Licensing & Partnerships

Through brand activation and product licensing, we are proud to be collaborating with respected partners from many different industries to help further our preservation efforts.

Rainforest meters can easily be added to any product or service for any company looking to integrate a green initiative into their business model and to further their corporate responsibility in a sustainable way.

The difference between Cuipo and other cause-related products is that our environmental impact can be seen and shared instantly. Permanently preserved square meters are added to the customer’s 'My Meters' profile page, and the redemption can be shared by the user across all social media platforms, keeping the conversation of conservation open.

Together, Cuipo and our partners are saving Earth's endangered rainforests from destruction forever, one meter at a time.

Interested in learning how you can save with Cuipo? Email GoGreen@Cuipo.org for more information about our Partnership Program!