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Every Bottle Saves Rainforest

Cuipo Water is a beverage brand dedicated to preserving prime rainforest around the globe, one bottle at a time. Through the sales of our 100% RPET water bottles filled with refreshing purified water we raise awareness about the rainforest and deforestation. We strive to make rainforest preservation fun, effective and easy.

Our Water

Local water, sourced from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Colorado River, is forced at high pressures through several sediment filters and membranes to trap particles. Rust, calcium carbonate, fluoride and other impurities are separated here. An activated carbon filter is used to remove organic chemicals like chlorine. The thin film composite membrane that makes up the reverse osmosis (RO) filter precedes the second carbon filter, catching any last residual fragments. Finally, the water passes through an ultra-violet lamp to disinfect any microbes that may have escaped filtering by the RO membrane. The result is an incredibly pure and exception ally clean tasting water.


Cuipo Water uses earth friendly Regenerate™ 100% RPET water bottles. Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, these bottles have a 65% smaller carbon footprint than virgin PET and represent a huge step forward in the global effort to protect the environment. Our 100% RPET bottles are approved by the FDA for direct food contact and are completely safe and recyclable like traditional plastic bottles. By using 100% RPET bottles we are creating awareness in the importance of recycling and directly showing how we can keep plastic out of landfills and reuse.

Why The Rainforest?

The importance of rainforest can’t be overstated. They cool the planet, sequester greenhouse gases and purify air, soil, and water. They nourish biodiversity and shield wildlife. In fact, the rainforest produces 20% of the worlds water and oxygen.

Tropical rainforests are home to half of the world’s estimated 10 million plant and animal species. However, scientists can estimate the number of stars in the sky with more accuracy than they can estimate the number of species living in the tropical rainforest. To date, only 6% of the species living in the rainforest have been discovered. Of that 6% only a tiny proportion (about one-sixth) has been intensively studied.

Each of the world’s rainforests maintains different levels and types of biodiversity. More than 250 different species of trees exist in 2.5 acres (or 1 hectare) of tropical rainforest. Each tree provides a habitat for hundreds of species. For example, up to 40-50 species of ants can live in one tree in Brazil.

There are more species of birds in the Peruvian rainforests than in the entire United States. One small pond in Brazil can contain a larger variety of fish than all of the rivers in Europe combined. In fact, one bush or shrub in the Amazon rainforest can hold more species of ants than the entire British Isles. Tropical rainforests also contain over 95% of primates found nowhere else in the world. Many species found in rainforests are unique to a specific rainforest, or are uniquely indigenous to a specific area of one rainforest.

The biodiversity found in the world’s rainforests is invaluable. Currently, rainforest plants are the basis for many modern day medicines. The National Cancer Institute has performed research on rainforest plants in order to find plant-based cures for cancer. Of the 3,000 plants identified as having elements that could potentially cure cancer, 70% are found only in tropical rainforests. The rainforest is a resource with boundless possibilities but it must be protected in order for us to reap its benefits.

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