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What is the Cuipo Mission?

Our mission is to preserve the large rainforests of the world which are critical for climate mitigation and biosphere regeneration while supporting the requirements for social justice and equanimity that are needed in local rainforest communities around the world.


At Cuipo, we believe that through a combination of blockchain based technology, land acquisition and preservation, natural capital based business development, education and awareness, we can work together to save our planet — “One Meter At A Time”


What does Cuipo mean?

When rainforests are clear cut in Central America the Cuipo Tree (pronounced kwee-po) is usually left standing as it has no commercial resale value due to its wide base and long trunk. Cuipo trees defy deforestation due to their natrual design, they stand taller than the rest of the canopy as guardians of the rainforest and oversee for miles around. The Cuipo tree is our name, our call to action and our strength to fight and combat deforestation.

What is different about Cuipo?

In 2007, Cuipo founder, Thomas Murray, witnessed this tragedy firsthand while flying over the Panamanian Rainforest. Two years prior to Satoshi Nakamoto’s introduction of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, Murray understood that distributed global engagement was needed to solve this pandemic. What followed was the introduction of a unique patented solution for land capital preservation — placing virtual grids over large parcels of land to prevent deforestation and allowing for individual sponsorship of land preservation to be made one meter at a time.

How are meters of rainforest saved?

By using state of the art satellite technology, each square meter of land in the Cuipo Reserve has been given a unique identification code for future tracking. By attaching square meters of land to any product, service, accommodation, travel or membership offered by Cuipo partnered companies, Cuipo has created an easy and inexpensive way for companies to bring social action to everyday purchases. Square meters have been saved through the sale of physical products and digital sales around the world.

Who are the team at Cuipo?

Run by a team of environmental, financial, and blockchain professionals, our team is committed to building this vision, inverting the traditional foundation model which relies on bureaucratic monoliths and trusted third parties, by creating a new standard for global land management — Proof of Conservation.

Please take a look at our Team page and reach out if you have any questions or would like to join us on this journey to combat rainforest deforestation.

What is Cuipo 501(C)(3) Non-Profit for?

The Cuipo Rainforest Preserves in Central and South America represent some of the most diverse and critically endangered rainforests and biospheres in the world. One Meter At A Time Foundation is Cuipo’s 501(c)(3) non-profit entity created to manage the acquisition and preservation of these ecosystems, currently holding over 80,000,000 meters of land within Cuipo’s Square Meter Conservation Program.

The Cuipo (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility platform

At Cuipo, we are not only creating new ways for individuals and corporations to preserve the endangered rainforest, but building a new standard for preservation of any land threatened by deforestation or business related destruction.

Our goal is to use the proceeds of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform to work with like-minded environmentalists and conservationists who wish to engage a global audience in preservation participation. This is what we are working on at Cuipo and believe that such a system is needed as a crucial infrastructure in our decentralized future and can open new avenues for land management and protection.

The millennial demographic demand for CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now preferred by over 50% of millennials over traditional profit-driven business models, and over 90% say they prefer to purchase and support brands who have an environmental or social impact attached. Until now, connecting a Seaman CSR project that has real life value on a global scale has been impossible.

What happens when I buy one meter of rainforest?

When consumers purchase any product, service, accommodation, travel or membership from a partner company or organization connected to the Cuipo API, the consumer’s transaction automatically protects endangered rainforest, locking off and saving 1SQM of rainforest in the expanding Cuipo Preserve in their name. The consumer becomes a trustee of the 1 sqm of Rainforest. By becoming a Cuipo trustee, square meters of rainforest are saved and preserved in perpetuity in the name of the contributor.

The Cuipo Protocol

Our team is combining decades of experience in enterprise software and institutional partnerships with state of the art blockchain based Proof of Conservation to create a proprietary CSR platform, the Cuipo Protocol. By subscribing to be a member of the Cuipo CSR Protocol, corporate partners will pay a monthly fee in USD to receive Rainforest Tokens (credits) issued to their accounts, attachable to transactions of any existing retail product or service. Once transactions execute, individuals will receive a redemption code to collect their token and gain access to our token platform and Cuipo trustee benefits. Saving rainforest instantly a transaction is made across our connected partner network of products and services.

What is D41M (Dance For One Meter)?

Cuipo has developed and launched is “Dance for One Meter”, a social movement dedicated to combating rainforest deforestation through partnerships with global large-scale festivals, nightclubs and events. By choosing to be a “Dance for One Meter” partner, ticket sellers donate to each ticket sale proceeds to the “One Meter at a Time” Foundation’s square meter conservation program. With targeted strategic business alliances, we expect over 250 partners worldwide and access to over 10 million potential millennials in the next 12 months, exponentially adding to the network’s square meter purchasing power.

What is a 'Blockchain' ?

A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of transactions. Constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks (the most recent transactions) are recorded and added to it in chronological order, it allows market participants to keep track of digital transactions without central recordkeeping. Each node (a computer connected to the network) gets a copy of the blockchain, which is downloaded automatically.

Why does Cuipo need to be on 'A Blockchain' ?

Blockchain technology is a new, powerful tool that is already shaping the future of the Internet with simple, safe and secure transactions, bringing a new wave of Economic Opportunity and Digital Innovation. By harnessing the power of tamper-proof distributed ledgers, Cuipo is continuing to shift the paradigm, creating a new standard for environmental action — Proof of Conservation.

Cuipo and Ethereum?

Our new protocol leverages the Ethereum blockchain to peg each square meter of land in the Cuipo Preserve to a unique, non-fungible token. By issuing Cuipo tokens as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, each token will be a truly unique, non-fungible token pegged to one square meter of land, similar to the uniqueness and scarcity of each meter of land Cuipo aims to preserve.

Cuipo ERC-721 Token

For every token purchase and donation made, individuals are relayed a redemption code where they can access the Cuipo website to view their 1SQM of real land capital attached to their token, where they can see the positive environmental impact their purchase just made. The animal habitat, carbon offset, future benefits and wildlife saved are showcased to deliver our educational message — one person can have a profound impact by a simple transaction.

By issuing new tokens once a donation is made, individual token holders will serve as a trustee of the square meters of land their tokens represent. These tokenized land assets can be:

  1. bought and sold using ether
  2. tracked using industry leading satellite technology
  3. traded and collected, and
  4. used as a tool for engaging and educating the world on the endangered ecosystems of our planet.

What problems do you solve?

Proof of conservation! The non-profit sector today is worth an estimated $2 trillion worldwide, yet headlines in recent times have seen the sector stumble between corruption scandals, gross inefficiencies, false expenses and misuse of funds. Donor trust in charities has been declining steadily. In a 2015 poll, more than 30% of those interviewed did not trust charities and nonprofits. Given recent scandals, it is understandable that society has grown skeptical towards the non-profit sector. Using distributed ledgers to track transactions, cryptocurrencies to transfer funds and smart contracts to ensure donations are spent correctly, we are determined to make non-profit sector more transparent, efficient and cost-effective.

Which are the recommended Ethereum wallets?

The recommended Ethereum wallets that allow you to have full control and ownership of your private keys and as such are suitable for receiving and managing AID Tokens are: MyEtherWallet (MeW) Eidoo MetaMask Mist / Ethereum Wallet Geth

How can I join the discussion or contact the team?

You are welcome to join the discussion on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

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