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Cuipo | Using Blockchain technology to protect rainforests

Growing an Earth Positive Economy

Earthrise was taken in a moment of inspiration by Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders on a flyby, this is now considered to be the most important environmental photograph in history.

Now is the time to protect our home. Since Earthrise we’ve lost more than half of our wildlife and face runaway climate change unless we alter course dramatically.

The Death Star we face is an economic system with “externalities”: unpriced industrial pollution of our air, water, and land. These externalities exceed 10% of annual economic output. Land degradation alone results in $5tn of harm every year.

As Stanford ecologist Dr. Paul Ehrlich likes to remind economists: “If your model doesn’t include Earth, you may want to consider a new model.”

Earth Positive is a new model for a regenerative economy. We start with a pledge to leave Earth better and to make a net positive impact. It means transitioning from an economy that is extractive to one that is regenerative.

Every act of consumption is matched with a greater act of regeneration. So instead of contributing to deforestation, the chocolate we buy protects rainforests. On average, 1 cent per candy bar funds regeneration.

About 1% of global wealth could transition our economy to be Earth Positive, if we act decisively to protect vital ecosystems before irreversible tipping points are crossed.

So why not just print the 1%? Because we have no Earth Central Bank…yet. Nation based governance is ill equipped to address global “tragedies of the commons” like climate change and biodiversity.

Thankfully we do have technology to create decentralized global currencies, as pioneered by Bitcoin a decade ago.

Money is at the heart of our economic system. We can make a leap to a thriving future with new forms of currency with purpose.

Imagine an Earth Positive Impact Coin (EPIC) to fund global regeneration. Coins are minted based on verified impact, such as planting trees. And we will use energy efficient next-generation Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) instead of Bitcoin’s power hungry Proof of Work mining.

Want to be a billionaire? Plant a billion trees. Protect a billion square meters of rainforest, mangroves, sea grasses, and coral reefs. Earn good money with good deeds.

There is no limit to what we can achieve together. Now is the time for radical collaboration across all sectors, from governments to corporations and individuals. To co-create an Earth Positive economy, join the Earth Pulse network:

Protect what you love. Have fun. Generate real wealth.


Written by Alan Laubsch

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Cuipo | Using Blockchain technology to protect rainforests