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Cuipo speak at the Crypto Valley Conference in Zug


We are very honored to have been invited to join the Token Foundry European roadshow this past month and had the pleasure of speaking at two key events in London and Zug Switzerland during their blockchain focused weeks. The hype around Token Foundry is well established, and as we saw for good reason. An offshoot of ConsenSys, the global leading Blockchain development company based out of Bogart Street Brooklyn, Token Foundry is dedicated to creating and launching tokens with utility and developing guidelines to guarantee token networks are launched correctly and successfully.


We shared the stage in London with Julien Bouteloup from The Flying Carpet, an incredible project that is creating a mesh network of drones capable of mapping large tracts of land, with uses cases ranging from agriculture yield speculation to urban mapping exploration. There is great synergy between Cuipo and Flying Carpet and we are in communication to plan a trip to our Panamanian Rainforest Preserve to drone and map the preserve in 4K definition, allowing never before seen below canopy level clarity of the first growth rainforest under our protection. With over 100 crypto enthusiasts, blockchain investors and technology experts in attendance, it was a great entry point to announce Cuipo has signed on to launch our token through the Token Foundry.

The Crypto Valley conference in Zug Switzerland was the next stop on our roadshow with the Token Foundry team. Taking place in an outdoor venue underneath the shade of a centuries-old castle In Zug, the city is now renowned for being a global hub crypto world. A large crowd gathered to hear our informal presentation by Cuipo co-founder Ricardo Porteus as he gave a deep dive into the possibilities of protecting

In both London and Zug, the roadshow was epitomized by inquisitive crowds showing strong levels of support and enthusiasm for our project. Both events have helped cement Cuipo as one of the leading projects under the Token Foundry Umbrella, with much more excitement to come.


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Cuipo | Using Blockchain technology to protect rainforests