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Cuipo | Using Blockchain technology to protect rainforests

An Extraordinary Day For Blockchain

I had the pleasure of attending the Blockchain for Social Impact Conference at the United States Institute of Peace on behalf of Cuipo in Washington D.C. on June 1 of this year. BSIC was formed in collaboration with ConsenSys, a blockchain venture production studio based in Brooklyn, NY . The purpose of BSIC is to harness the power of the private sector, NGO’s, governments, foundations, and philanthropists to effect positive change in the areas of financial inclusion, supply chain, vulnerable populations, energy and the environment.

I was invited to serve on a panel discussing the effects of blockchain technology on the energy sector and the environment. Panelists included:

Karim Jabbar, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration
Nick Beglinger, Co-Founder & CEO, Cleantech21 Foundation
Katherine Foster, Carbon Markets and Finance Innovation: Blockchain Specialist, World Bank Group
Evan Caron, Co Founder and Managing Director, Swytch
Linda Kristoffersen, Special Advisor, Chooose

The panel reinforced that Cuipo’s vision of a world where brands can easily fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility by protecting rainforests via a token instrument is right on target. Cuipo’s goal over the next year is to protect 1B hectares by year end 2019.

The day itself was a marvelous testimony to the diversity of solutions proliferating in the Blockchain sector, from human sex trafficking to education, from conflict minerals to overfishing, numerous problems were confronted. Fellow panelist Swytch’s solution showcased additional their blockchain based protocol that can also be a game changer for CO2 reduction. One of the more innovative discussions was a presentation by WWF on a trial they are conducting to address sustainable tuna fishing by creating greater transparency at the point of origin.


Overall it was a terrific day. This young industry is well on it’s way to fulfilling its promise for a transparent, empowered, democratized world.

Geof Rochester, Head of CSR and NGO Partnerships, Cuipo

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Cuipo | Using Blockchain technology to protect rainforests