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Introduction to Proof of Conservation

Saving the rainforest “One Meter At A Time”



At Cuipo, we believe that through a combination of blockchain based technology, land acquisition and preservation, natural capital based business development, education and awareness, we can work together to save our planet – “One Meter At A Time”

Our mission is to preserve the large rainforests of the world which are critical for climate mitigation and biosphere regeneration while supporting the requirements for social justice and equanimity that are needed in local rainforest communities around the world.

Run by a team of environmental, financial, and blockchain professionals, our team is committed to building this vision, inverting the traditional foundation model which relies on bureaucratic monoliths and trusted third parties, by creating a new standard for global land management – Proof of Conservation. Proof of Conservation links real endangered land capital to the blockchain, pegging individual square meters of land to unique non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. By partnering with global enterprises through our Corporate Social Responsibility platform, Cuipo has the opportunity to reach millions of individuals around the world who wish to join the largest crowdsourced conservation effort on the planet. Contributing conservationists can track Cuipo tokens and associated “smart” meters of rainforest to engage with the positive social and environmental impact of their contribution.



Rainforests once covered 14% of the Earth’s land surface; now they cover a mere 6% and experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be consumed in less than 40 years. One and one-half acres of rainforest are lost every second with tragic consequences for both developing and industrial countries.


In 2007, Cuipo founder, Thomas Murray, witnessed this tragedy firsthand while flying over the Panamanian Rainforest. Two years prior to Nakamoto’s introduction of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, Murray understood that distributed global engagement was needed to solve this pandemic. What followed was the introduction of a unique patented solution for land capital preservation – placing virtual grids over large parcels of land to prevent deforestation and allowing for individual sponsorship of land preservation to be made one meter at a time.


Nearly a decade later, the Cuipo Rainforest Reserves in Central and South America represent some of the most diverse and critically endangered rainforests and biospheres in the world. One Meter At A Time Foundation (OMAAT) is Cuipo’s 501(c)(3) non-profit entity created to manage the acquisition and preservation of these ecosystems, currently holding over 80,000,000 acres of land within Cuipo’s Square Meter Conservation Program.

Every square meter saved through the purchase of a Cuipo product or redeemed through our Save Rainforest program is donated to our non-profit foundation dedicated to preservation of the tropical rainforest. One Meter at a Time safeguards and preserves each square meter of rainforest in perpetuity. By teaching skills required for gaining employment in preservation, One Meter at a Time employs locals and indigenous groups as park rangers and stewards of the preserved rainforests.




By using start of the art satellite technology, each square meter of land in the Cuipo Reserve has been given a unique identification code for future tracking. By attaching square meters of land to any product, service, accommodation, travel or membership offered by Cuipo partnered companies, Cuipo has created an easy and inexpensive way for companies to bring social action to everyday purchases. Square meters have been saved through the sale of physical products and digital sales around the world.


One of multiple marketing initiatives Cuipo has developed and launched is “Dance for One Meter”, a social movement dedicated to combating rainforest deforestation through partnerships with global large-scale festivals, nightclubs and events. By choosing to be a “Dance for One Meter” partner, ticket sellers donate $1.00 of each ticket sale proceeds to the “One Meter at a Time” Foundation’s square meter conservation program. With targeted strategic business alliances, we expect over 250 partners worldwide and access to over 10 million potential millennials in the next 12 months, exponentially adding to the network’s square meter purchasing power.


The consumer can track their purchases and meters saved via a front-end web portal showcasing the real land in the Cuipo Preservation Program. As a result of providing specific consumer information about the actual purchaser of their product or service, Cuipo Preservation Partners can engage with their customer base like never before.


Blockchain technology is a new, powerful tool that is already shaping the future of the Internet with simple, safe and secure transactions, bringing a new wave of Economic Opportunity and Digital Innovation. By harnessing the power of tamper-proof distributed ledgers, Cuipo is continuing to shift the paradigm, creating a new standard for environmental action – Proof of Conservation.

Our new protocol leverages the Ethereum blockchain to peg each square meter of land in the Cuipo Preserve to a unique, non-fungible token. By issuing Cuipo tokens as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, each token will be a truly unique, non-fungible token pegged to one square meter of land, similar to the uniqueness and scarcity of each meter of land Cuipo aims to preserve. For every token purchase and donation made, individuals are relayed a redemption code where they can access the Cuipo website to view their 1SQM of real land capital attached to their token, where they can see the positive environmental impact their purchase just made. The animal habitat, carbon offset, future benefits and wildlife saved are showcased to deliver our educational message – one person can have a profound impact by a simple transaction.


By issuing new tokens once a donation is made, individuals can ensure that their token represents a unique square meter of land in the reserve. These tokenized land assets can be bought and sold using ether, tracked using industry leading satellite technology, traded and collected, and used as a tool for engaging and educating the world on the endangered ecosystems of our planet.


In addition to receiving blockchain-based verification of land capital saved, token holders will have access to loyalty rewards sponsored by our strategic partners, paid in Cuipo Tokens. These rewards may include access to sold out festival tickets, exclusive digital content, and additional premium offerings. Guided Rainforest expedition to the Cuipo Preserve in Panama will be on offer to selected token holders.



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now preferred by over 50% of millennials over traditional profit-driven business models, and over 90% say they prefer to purchase and support brands who have an environmental or social impact attached. Until now, connecting a Seaman CSR project that has real life value on a global scale has been impossible.

Now, our team is combining years of experience in enterprise and institutional partnerships with state of the art blockchain based Proof of Conservation to create a proprietary CSR platform, the Cuipo Protocol. By subscribing to be a member of the Cuipo CSR Protocol, companies will have the opportunity to purchase Cuipo tokens pegged to real land capital and attach them to existing products and services. In doing so, enterprises now have a unique opportunity to “green” their business while engaging with their customers via transparent and innovative social business practices.


When consumers purchase any product, service, accommodation, travel or membership from a partner company or organization connected to the Cuipo API, the consumer’s transaction automatically protects endangered rainforest, locking off and saving 1SQM of rainforest in the expanding Cuipo Preserve. The Cuipo protocol will save and protect billions of meters of rainforest, unite customers with green brands and corporations, and help deliver measurable, proven environmental impact to billions of lives now and in the future. Business for impact is the new paradigm, and the Cuipo protocol will be the first decentralised protocol to deliver this on a global scale.



At Cuipo, we are not only creating new ways for individuals and corporations to preserve endangered rainforest, but building a new standard for preservation of any land threatened by deforestation or business related destruction.


Our goal is to use the proceeds of our CSR platform and associated token sales to work with like-minded environmentalists and conservationists who wish to engage a global audience in preservation participation. This is what we are working on at Cuipo and believe that such a system is needed as a crucial infrastructure in our decentralized future and can open new avenues for land management and protection. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing detailed information about our token mechanism and further technical breakdowns of Proof of Conservation as well as a new white paper.

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