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Project Good Hands

About Project Good Hands

The idea for Project Good Hands came when Cuipo founders Tom Murray and Gus Hurst visited Ubkisukun during a trip to Panama. Tom and Gus quickly learned of the Kuna’s artistic ability and came up with a way in which Cuipo and the Kuna could mutually help one another.

Cuipo asked the Kuna to create an assortment of handmade goods using artful techniques specific to ancient Kuna culture. Through this partnership, the Kuna of Ubkisukun are able to provide income for their families by making handmade beaded brace-lets. The bracelets can be purchased on our site, and every bracelet sold not only saves one square meter of rainforest, but also directly benefits the Kuna.

About The Kuna

The Kuna are an indigenous people who inhabit an eastern coastline region of Panama called Guna Yala. They are one of the world’s few indigenous groups that maintain complete control of their territory. Admiration and respect for nature are fundamental parts of Kuna culture. Over generations, the Kuna have protected one of the largest and best-preserved areas of rainforest in all of Central America.

Over the last decade, many Kuna families from the Ubkisukun community have been forced to migrate from their native land into the city in search for work. This mass exodus of people has caused much economic suffering and cultural loss for the Ubkisukun community.